Monday, June 25, 2007

Celebrity News: Katie Holmes

So, is Katie Holmes your favourite celebrity? Do you have a favourite celebrity? If not, don't you think you ought to choose one?

While you're thinking about that why not check out the site dedicated to news about Katie Holmes? There's a series of news reports and stories about her, as well as photographs and even news video.

There's also a section on Katie Holmes' marriage to Tom Cruise. So why not check it out?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Topping it or Not?

There's always the most fearsome arguments about circumcision. Leaving aside any religious issues (if you know what a mohel is, it's not really going to be voluntary) there is on the one side the fafct that it does protect against certain sexually transmitted disease and cancers.

Good, good you will say.

On the other side it's always said that circumcision leads to lower sexual pleasure as a result of desensitizing that part of the man.

However, you might want to click through to see that this argument is wrong. Such desensitization almost certainly leads to an increase in sexual pleasure.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reading a Book

Quiteunbelievable, looking at what people search for I find that gthere are those who search for intructions on how to read a book.

Fortunately, if you click through the link you'll get the full instructions on how to read a book.

Obviously, open it at the front and look at all the words until you get to hte end is too complex an instruction set.